Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Aviation Badge (Part 2) 29/8/2014

Dear Cubs,

Please take note of the following for our outing on Friday (29/8):

1.55pm    All to meet in full-U at class 3D
2.00pm    Aviation session/briefing starts 
2.10pm    Proceed to Gate A for boarding​(Bring a small bag containing 
                   water bottle, snack, pencil case, log book, sweater)
4.15pm    Depart from Changi airport 
                    (Do call your parents as we leave the airport).

* Please note that the school will be closed from 5.30pm on 29/8 as we will be having a combined Nanyang Schools Teachers' Day celebration. Inform your parents to pick you up before 5.20pm.

Thank you

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