Monday, 14 May 2012

National Cub Scout Challenge 2012

Dear Cub Scouts,

The Singapore Scout Association will be organising the National Cub Scout Challenge for all Cub Scouts in Singapore. The objectives of this event /competition are to augment and reinforce the knowledge of Scouting skills that Cub Scouts learn in their regular activities, as well as to create an environment of cooperative learning among Cub Scouts in the spirit of competition. This event requires Cub Scouts to work together in groups, and complete certain stations in order to accomplish a final task.

This event will take place in Raffles Institution (Year 1-Year 4 Campus) on (Sat) 7 July 2012 from 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs. A maximum of two teams of 10 Cubs each will be shortlisted to represent the school for this event. Only cub scouts who are interested and available on 7 July should register their interest by completing the form below. We will notify you if you are shortlisted.

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